KEIKO is a ready-to-wear brand created by Marie-Laure Kuliralo in 2011.
With her roots being from the Congo, Marie-Laure creates collections that are inspired by her native country, adapted to the occidental world. The perfect blend of two opposite worlds, is what gives KEIKO its uniqueness.
The clothes represent a state of mind, philosophy and culture that sources from the Mother Land while beholding its originality and beauty.

Much more than an ordinary fashion brand, the world of KEIKO is a place where Fashion meets Consciousness.
A road to the discovery of Self by traveling through all aspects of life (spirituality, nutrition, health, culture, methaphysics...) that define the essence of our existance.
In a world ruled by uniformity, KEIKO is designed for the ones who stay true to themselves.
Their clothes are a reflection of their mind.